46 Km of closed railway becomes the Waterford Greenway

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Isn’t it a wonderful thing when something great becomes of an empty space, an unused quarry, a felled forest or in this case… an old unused railway line. Waterford sits down on the sunny South East of Ireland and 50 years to the day of the last passenger jaunt, opened up what has been received as a magnificent outdoor attraction… A 46 kilometer walking and cycling track to be enjoyed by all.

Absorbing the stunning scenery along this old railway line, you can expect to enjoy a beautiful off-road journey across three tall viaducts from the river to the sea, enjoy stunning land and seascapes, emerge from an almost ghostly but atmospherically lit 400 meter Ballyvoyle Tunnel and emerging into the Suir Valley where a  lush broccoli-like gorge opens up before you. This wonderful new amenity has Bicycle hire stations located at Dungarvan, Kilmacthomas and Waterford City Quays. Celtic Rider has designed a new seven day tour which incorporates Wexford, Waterford and Cork. Day four is the day where thrill seekers have the option to cycle this fantastic greenway and swap horse power for man-power. This new tour will be rolled out for 2018, and available to view on our website in July.

Waterford Greenway


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