The Celtic Riders – Paul & Siobhán Rawlins

Founded in 2007 by Paul and Siobhán Rawlins, this husband and wife team set off to create a business out of what was really… a hobby. Touring the World on bike was something that Paul and Siobhán have done since their dating days, and when they applied themselves to the business that is now Celtic Rider, they realized that many, many fellow riders throughout the World are also very interested in touring Ireland on two wheels. The initial process of gaining insurance for a fleet of bikes in Ireland proved almost impossible, and took years to acquire. Eventually, their dream became a reality and Celtic Rider began trading in 2006, opening a window of opportunity for those  seeking to travel the Emerald Isle. 2016 marked the 10th anniversary for Celtic Rider and they celebrated the arrival of the 3,000th rider on the 7th of July 2016. Already nearing 3,400 so far in 2017, the future of Celtic Rider looks bright. ‘We keep pushing ourselves and putting ourselves into the boots of our customers. Creating fresh tours yearly and keeping on top of new model bikes has been key to our success. In this business we all need to stay tuned to the needs of our riders. What do they need when they come to a touring company and are going to be out on the road for a week, 14 days, or even 21 days?? As fellow riders and avid tourists ourselves we know these answers, otherwise we’d be gone long, long ago.’ says Paul.

‘What’s in store next’, I ask Siobhán

‘Last year Paul and I travelled down south east to Waterford City. I wasn’t aware until then that Waterford is in fact Irelands oldest city and was occupied in the 9th Century by the Vikings until the 12th Century when it was taken over by the Anglo-Norman invaders and with Strongbow leading them. When we were en route down we were looking at it through a customers perspective because  it wasn’t somewhere we have travelled to much on a bike before. We were so impressed with both the journey down and the city itself that we decided ‘This must become a tour’ and it will for 2018′.


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